123Movies site review and its best alternatives-2020


123Movies site review and its best alternatives

Disclaimer – All the information on this site is published with good faith and for education purposes only. This site doesn’t represents either promote any company, brand or website operating illegally and later faced a ban. The websites listed in the post are found legal and operating in respective countries without any discrepancies. Please see that the post may contain links to external sites. Ensure proper protection of your device before visiting any of these sites.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is a popular video streaming website that has become popular in recent times, mainly because the particular website has thousands of pirated movies with a large catalog of titles that allows users to stream movies without any restrictions.


There are more than a dozen of free movie streaming sites but one that we’re going to speak today:  Unlike other free movie streaming websites, 123Movies is one of the best when it comes to watching movies/shows in HD without paying any price.

123Movies free movie downloading website has a clean interface that is filled with a large catalog of titles, with an updated movie section. A user needs to click on the title of his choice to begin streaming movies in HD quality without any restrictions.

123Movies never ask you for a signup, registration, or procedure that requires sharing your Name, Email ID, Credit Card details or so. Comparing with some best streaming websites such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and 123Movies remained one of the top free websites for movie streaming.

The top 123Movies free movie downloading website contains new television shows, blockbusters, and lately the most popular shows from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. With a massive number of movies from all sections, 123Movies remained at the top choice for users. Users can watch, stream movies free from the browser using any device of their choice.

Is 123Movies Legal?

According to the western world, broadcasting movies over public domain compel proper licensing, if not then it is said to be illegal.

It is certainly true to the fact that websites like 123Movies are operating successfully in other parts of the world. Preferably at places where they do not have anti-piracy or copyright issues laws.


Torrents = Jail + Fine | Are you a Criminal?

In order to find a way to evade the strict anti-piracy law in countries, they found a way out to provide a link to the pirated content instead of hosting the pirated content on their website.

When a user clicks on the movie title the particular movie is played from a secure cyberlocker. Likewise, the content present on the site did not violate the policy but they required proper licensing because they did not host the content by themselves.

Unfortunately, the free movie streaming website, 123Movies was taken down later. On the off chance new free movie sites popping up after 123Movies was completely shut down but these 123Movies lookalike websites are filled with ads and popups that exasperated users streaming experience completely.

The official domain of 123Movies free movie downloading website was – which is inaccessible now.

Luckily, now we have some legal and safe video streaming websites that you can safely use. Although they may not contain the latest movies certainly you can safeguard yourself from trouble.

Is 123Movies safe?

Often we are asked about whether “Is 123Movies safe?” In respect to this, we say visiting 123Movies is not safe. There are reports that suggest accessing them would distribute malware and viruses. The infected files are sent using JavaScript in your computer via the ad network that most users come across while accessing these sites.

If you still, choose to visit these sites make sure you have good antivirus software installed and have a dedicated firewall feature in it.

Because these websites generate income from the ads displayed in sites that incur potential threats from ads as well. The security threats are regarded as “malvertising” by which hackers can inject malicious code to visitors of websites.

For instance – If you are even the owner of the 123Movies website and do not have the intention to harm others the low trust ads network that the website uses may reluctantly infect them with malware by redirecting users to other virus-infected sites.

What went wrong with actual free video streaming sites?

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) collaborated with official Vietnam to close down the original 123Movies website. However, there are many such websites that have appeared after 123Movies was taken down. The official site used a different domain name in order to keep alive but it’s impossible to keep track of the original website.

Finally, these websites are taken down lately and a new one gets created instantly. The clone website remained operational for a short period of time but they are as illegal as the original site. And also contain malware and viruses too.

Should you access 123 Movies?

123Movies have reached millions of visitors over the years but this doesn’t confirm the website is legal or safe. Instead, 123Movies abstain from hosting the content but the content itself is non-distributable without permission. Also, there are other risks involved while accessing the sites. 123Movies remains infected with viruses, Trojans and other potentially harmful software that can directly affect the normal working of your PC alongside has potential risk involved in it.

There are a lot of websites claims to be original but in reality, they are just replica of the banned 123movies. These sites may appear genuine and they are hard to spot but have potential risks involved while browsing the sites.

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123Movies best alternatives

Now, If you’re looking for the 123movies alternatives then, sadly there are no free movie streaming website that offers latest free movie streaming on arrival.

On a final note, these 123movies alternatives sites can help you watch favorite TV shows and movies in 2019.

  1. Netflix

First of all, Netflix is not free!

Currently, Nextflix has the largest catalog of movies ranging from fiction, drama, romance, sci-fi to a kid’s show, and much more. Netflix is supreme when it comes to streaming content legally over the web. Instead of relying on websites similar to 123movies, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix.

In the present era, these OTA (Over the Air) services are getting more popular and Netflix is no exception. Netflix currently has over 118 million subscribers who enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and the latest movies without the fear of getting caught in DMCA copyright issues.

NetFlix broadly classifies tv shows and movies through region-based except for few countries like china the content is prohibited (where censorship is the order of the day). dangling upon your budget and needs you can subscribe to Netflix basic, standard, and premium plan which allows you to stream content in 4k along with getting the ability to watch movies in 4 simultaneous screens.

However Netflix content may vary from one region to another. People living in the US get the highest priority and enjoys an extensive collection of tv shows and movies.

In most scenario, people outside the US uses VPN to stream content from the USA catalog.

  1. HULU


Another most interesting 123movies alternatives site that is making a name for them is HULU. HULU currently offers two different plans starting from the limited plan at $7.99/month whereas the No Commercial plan at $11.99/month. The latter did not have ads in it. The plans allow adding show time to the subscription.


Among these HULU’s most interesting aspect is consistent with a massive library of original content, live TV with DVR, favorite anime shows, and support for multiple device streams. The fact that HULU is making its name among the top streaming alternatives of 123movies. Whatsoever the No Commercial plan still has few commercials running here and there. But HULU said this loud & clear that there are only a few shows that can stream ads free.

  1. Amazon Prime videos

Amazon Prime is the largest streaming service with more than millions of movies and TV shows packed for streaming. Unlike other paid streaming services Amazon prime offers a free 30 days trial with the respect to trying out their services on the first instance. The free trial also lets you enjoy 2-days free shipping.

In recent times amazon prime started an awesome service where you can buy, rent movies if the movie you wish to watch is not available. In addition, Amazon Prime has parental control features that prevent small children from viewing inappropriate content. The Prime movie subscription is usually priced at $12.99/month. Amazon prime falls under authorized use of streaming content and it’s completely legal and safe to use.

  1. Porpcornflix


Popcornflix is the most enchanting movie streaming service which is legal and safe to use. Popcornflix is a free streaming service when it comes to 123movies alternatives. Not just that Popcornflix does not require prior registration in order to stream movies you can simply log in and start enjoying HD content instantly.

Since it’s free Popcornflix includes ads in order to generate revenue. Popcornflix has a great catalog of content that extends to action, romance, comedy, nostalgia, and many more. Popcornflix has a dedicated kids center known as Popcornflixkids along with Frightflix a place stored for people who love horror shows.

  1. Crackle

Sony Crackle is another most famous legal and safe video streaming website. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Crackle is an excellent 123movies alternative apart from being legal and safe it’s free too. Crackle video streaming service has a large pool of movies and TV shows for entertainment.

Crackle is supported in a wide range of devices such as Apple TV, fire sticks, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Crackle boasts an extensive range of collection of TV shows, movies from different genres and works well with play station, chrome cast and smart TV’s. Crackle serves advertisements heavily but shouldn’t be an issue as the service is free of cost. You must install a competent VPN in order to stream content because the Sony crackle content is blocked on many geo-locations.

  1. MoviesJoy

123movies alternatives site

MoviesJoy is a revolutionary free video streaming world with zero advertisements. It boasts a massive collection of movies and TV series for enjoying movies without subscribing.

MoviesJoy adds up new releases periodically hence, the movie database has grown over the years. Since the movie streaming site is highly populated with movies you’ll definitely find everything here.

MoviesJoy is a wonderful, alternative to 123movies. As told MovieJoy is one of the first kind who did not put a single advertisement on the site if you get annoyed with ads easily then MoviesJoy can be the best choice for you.

MoiviesJoy offers 4+ servers to curate the movie of your choice. The list is endless with information regarding genres, IMDB rating, video quality, duration, and even more.

In association with all details, an ad-free environment and plenty of movies and TV series to choose from MoviesJoy is definitely worth looking into.

    1. WatchFree

I know you have already read 123Movies site review and its best alternatives but what’s special about WatchFree video streaming is good video quality and no registration applicable for you to use.

WatchFree remains stable after a longer duration of time. Since it’s a free video streaming website with fast speed and good quality the movies and TV shows are arranged nicely so that you can find movies you wish to see anytime.

Undoubtedly WatchFree has the largest library of great films and v series. MoviesJoy offers the best releases, top-rated movies though not the latest but highlights HD remains the default format and TV shows at its homepage.

Not just that WatchFree includes IMDB rating seamlessly within the movies catalog. Unlike other movies & TV shows streaming sites WatchFree streaming links of all episodes remain in one place. People love watching TV series find the process easy and discoverable.

If you haven’t used the WatchFree movies streaming site. Believe me, WatchFree is the best 123movies


Our Final Words

That’s all for now! I hope you have loved reading the post if not, please tells us why?

Many people have had used to streaming movies and tv series for free. Sadly, the leading streaming site is down now. I know no website can match the features and collection of movies than once had.

But at some point sites like 123movies and other similar websites has to face the ban due to illegal broadcasting of shows and movies. This deliberate attempt has put face a ban. But what about streaming free movies? Are they still exist?

Yes, in this article, we have mentioned 6 most popular 123movies alternatives site which has lots of infotainment TV shows and movies you can watch without being afraid of getting caught.

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