About Us

This website is developed by Moon & Jon to share knowledge and ideas.


We will try to help whom who want to learn. Learning has no limit. We can not stop our mind from being curious. Every day we face many problems and we want their solutions. The solution does not come if you do not face the problem. Seeking a solution we discover many ideas that can solve our problems. But those ideas can help others to solve their problem also. That is why we want to share our ideas to all through this website

you will get every question papers – HSLC, HS(arts, science, and commerce), B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, B.Sc(IT) etc….. and also we will provide the best answer of some important question. you can also ask any question that can’t solve or find the answer.

you can simply send your question via our “contact us” page then we will deliver the answer as soon as possible in our website.