Satellite Communication, advantage and disadvantage

satellite communication

Satellite Communication

The satellite communication is carried out between a transmitter and a receiver through a satellite in which a geostationary satellite is used. That’s why a geostationary satellite is also called communication satellite and whose time period is 24 hours. Basically a communication satellite is a space craft in which a micro wave transmitter and receiver are provided and this space craft is in an orbit which is near to the earth. The line of sight microwave communication through the satellite is possible only if the communication satellite is always at a fixed location with respect to the earth and that’s why the satellite which acts like a repeater is found to be at rest with respect to the earth is called a geostationary satellite.

Advantages and disadvantage of the Satellite Communication:



Advantages of the Satellite Communication

1. The satellite communication is frequently used in mobile communication network.

2. The communication of satellite has a wide coverage range for the broadcasting as compared to other communication systems.

3. This communication is very effective and efficient specially for the remote and hilly areas like Ladakh, Sikkim Himachal Pradesh etc.


4. This communication is too much economical or cost effective with comparison to the other communication systems available on the earth. In fact the cost involved in the satellite communication is negligible with its distance coverage.

5. The communication of satellite is very accurate, authentic and economical for the search, explore and navigational purposes.

6. This communication permits the transmission of data rapidly and accurately.

Disadvantages of the Satellite Communication

1. In the satellite communication, there is a time lag between the transmission and reception due to extremely larger communication distances. This delay causes a substantial time gape of talking and that’s why this communication is failed for a longer distance conversation.


2. Some times the satellite of this communication goes out of order due to some environmental causes and it is impossible to recover it.

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