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Top 10 best affiliate programs in India 2020

Top 10 best affiliate programs in India 2020
Written by Deepika Gupta

Top 10 best affiliate programs in India 2020

The concept of affiliate marketing is well established in countries like the USA or Canada but when we talk about India, it is very different. As online requirements rising day by day amongst the multinationals companies for capturing the market share, the concept of best affiliate programs in India is getting a turn.

Affiliate marketing” means selling products in exchange for other things for a relative commission. In India and other countries, many of the companies provide attractive deals to affiliate marketers who promote or advertise their products, including some multinational companies, like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, as well as smaller companies also. Although, there are many affiliate marketing networks you can join to get more information and knowledge about it.


Here, we discuss Top 10 best affiliate programs in India 2020 which are the following:

  1. ResellerClub Affiliate Program
  2. Godaddy Affiliate Program
  3. Hostgator Affiliate Program
  4. Bluehost Affiliate Program
  5. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
  6. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  7. Hostinger Affiliate Program
  8. Udemy Affiliate Program
  9. NordVPN Affiliate Program
  10. Phonepe Affiliate Program


  1. ResellerClub Affiliate Program

ResellerClub is the best affiliate programs in India from all that offers many services for seeking standard web hosting and domain services. In addition to serving more than 5 to 6 million customers and domains in more than 150 countries, the hosting provider has provided or crafted among the most diverse portfolio of solutions.

At the shared hosting level,  customers can independently choose from various options for a trio of plans, Linux- or Windows-based plans,  from sister company HostGator. Both of the servers are owned by Bluehost, as well as Endurance International Group, which appears as a choice for dedicated and VPS servers. However, the HostGator and Bluehost plans are resold at a slightly higher cost than if you purchase it with the provider.

virtual servers also powered by ResellerClub review Bluehost, offer two kinds of VPS plans, based on either Virtuozzo virtualization or KVM.  It offers a 24/7 helpline and 30-day money-back guarantee in US dollars to entertain the users worldwide. Apart from that, ResellerClub is the only way for hosting consumers of all varieties and levels of expertise. ResellerClub plans’ of support and service responsive comes with huge knowledgebase.

The customer support provides a  standard ticket filing system along with phone numbers available 24/7. Unfortunately, It does not provide a live chat option, which is a demand with almost every hosting company.

you can also go through menus based on topics in it. They easily provide you marketing materials available for re-sellers.

ResellerClub Review offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee for VPS, shared, and reseller hosting services. If you want to cancel within this period then you’ll receive a full refund of the money paid, less any fees paid for add-on products or its services.

  1. Godaddy Affiliate Program

Godaddy is the second-best affiliate programs in India which is an online platform where the users sell and buy their domain names. Though many other such platforms make money online, Godaddy is the most popular platform to do the trading of the good domain names.

It is a reliable platform that is trusted by many users. Domain flipping is a process where you easily purchase domain names at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price whenever needed.

To join this domain, you need to pay a  membership fee of $4.99/year. This membership permits you to purchase domain names as well as list your domains for sale at free of cost. Your fee criteria listings include

  • Making an Auction with 7-day public
  • Setting a BIN price (Buy It Now price)
  • Rejecting or Accepting the offers from buyers as well as from new Counter.

The Godaddy commission always depends on your domain selling price. If your domain was sold for a price below $5,000 then the commission is 20% (It means $15 minimum). If the sale price is from $5,001 – $25,000 the commission is $1000 + 15% of amount total over $5,000. It will cost you $4.99/year to get the membership and can list as many domains according to your needs.

If you’re a buyer then there are no fees for you when you win a bid except a 1-year renewal fee for the Value Priced Names and Expired Domains Auctions purchasing. If the original domain owner has decided to reclaim then you are entitled to a full refund.

  1. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is the third-best affiliate programs in India. It is one of the biggest, and oldest web hosting companies in India that provides you a powerful web hosting with fast India servers and offers a plan that starts from single to unlimited domains.

This company has around 8 million dollar turnover and 850+ employees to provide you various types of packages and services. Hostgator is Founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley. HostGator Reviews has grown into a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting.

This company has headquartered in other countries such as Houston and Austin, Texas, with several international offices over the world. Hostgator Review 2020 easily provides the services with 1-click WordPress install,  24/7 hours support, 99.99% uptime, live chat, free domain name, free SSL certificate after completion, and many more. This web hosting is best for business and freelancing agency.

HostGator normally keeps three copies of the website content as per the rules. HostGator Reviews also supports advanced programming languages like MySQL and PHP and unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access. To use the website, a maximum uptime, HostGator use of those servers powered by Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processor w/Hyperthreading. It provides you developer-friendly hosting. It provides you Turbo Server option for the fast hosting process. For domain registration, it contains features of  ID Protection Option, free DNS management, and domain theft protection.

  1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is the fourth-best affiliate programs in India. It is a process that allows individuals and organizations to post a  web page or website onto the Internet. A web hosting service provider is a process that provides the services and technologies needed for the webpage or website to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are stored or hosted, on special computers which are called servers.

When users of the Internet want to view your website, all they need to do is the domain or type your website address into their specific browser.  the computer of Bluehost Review as an example will then connect to your server and after that, your specific WebPages will be delivered to them through the browser. Most of the Web hosting companies require that you must have own your domain to host with them. If you do not have a domain or not able to purchase, then the hosting companies will help you purchase one.


There are many Web hosting companies and websites that have some pros and cons.there are many companies in India that provide hosting a WordPress blog.  Here, we discuss about Bluehost Review is one such hosting company among them.

Bluehost Review hosting provides different hosting packages such as shared hosting, WordPress managed web-hosting, VPS hosting,  and dedicated hosting. The main advantage of Bluehost is that their servers are well optimized for a WordPress blog whenever needed. Bluehost Provider provides you a VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Shared Hosting, and Dedicated hosting services. It provides services that are best for business owners as well as individuals. It gives you a complete web hosting solution with a full suite of its tools. Here, we discuss some Bluehosting reviews.

  1. ClickFunnel Affiliate Program

ClickFunnel is the fifth-best affiliate program in India which is generally a website and a sales funnel builder that provides you build sales funnels that mainly help you in businesses market, sell and deliver their specific products and services online within time. click funnels website was founded by Russell Brunson. It gives you the power or energy to control every stage of the buying journey relatively.

Using click funnels, you can do many categories of work such as create regular websites, membership sites, landing on-pages,  opt-in pages, squeeze pages, Checkout Pages, Automation Sequences, Auto-responder, Affiliate Program for your business, Membership sites, Web Hosting, Split Testing, attend webinars and many more. This website makes perfect anyone of any tech-related skill level create sales funnels with a different and unique variety of customizable funnels available.

Although, many entrepreneurs and business markets use click funnels to sell and promote their products and services online within the given time. Some Other people use it to upgrade their lead generation campaigns for their specific businesses accordingly. The main reason behind the popularity of Click Funnels i is that it offers an all-in-one marketing solution.

sales funnel used in click funnels is a sequence of steps that normally helps a potential customer through a sale relatively. A sales funnel is well known for many other terms such as marketing funnel, customer acquisition funnel, revenue funnel, and purchase/purchasing funnel.

There are three stages of the sales funnel:

  • top of the funnel
  • middle of the funnel
  • bottom of the funnel

Although, Traditional online funnels will take your targeting customers through different pages and related posts and require them relatively to take several actions before the checkout page.

  1. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is the sixth-best best affiliate programs in India that provide online income very easily. This website normally sells some services like content writing, photo editing, and video editing. Using it, a person can make an income of one thousand dollars a month.

The best way to earn money by Fiverr is by creating gigs for sites that you possess relatively, after that setting up for prices of those services that your target customers are willing to pay and then promoting gigs to the customers that require your specific services.

To make money on Fiverr is very much easier as compared to all. But to start with Fiverr you have to follow some below steps which are the following:

  • Register your Account
  • Create your Seller Profile on site
  • Create your Gig on site
  • Start Sending Offers to Buyers
  1. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Hostinger is seventh the best affiliate program in India that provides you a web hosting services at the lowest prices in India. It will help you to develop your first website or also provide the services for your existing sites that are in use. With the help of hosting, you will get unlimited resources and ultimate speed.

Due to that, You will get a free domain name, unlimited web, website builder, hosting, website builder, and WordPress Hosting, and many more. For protection and security, it will provide you the best Platinum BitNinja DDoS protection. It will also provide you a fully optimized WordPress hosting. It fully supports  PHP and Mysql languages.

  1. Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is the eighth-best affiliate programs in India for students to learn something new. Generally, Udemy app founder was born in a Turkish village had this thought that what’s possible when learning is within reach.

He alone found so many opportunities to grew up online and this inspired him to help the others as well by making personal apps. As a result, Currently, Udemy has more than 50M students and 150K courses with 57K instructors throughout the world.

It consists of more than 130,000 video tutorials of different types of courses ranging from technology and business accordingly to personal development lessons like writing, drawing, yoga, etc. The main advantage of this app is that we also get to learn these topics according to our time. If you have some queries or doubts then you can ask questions and clear it with students and instructors. It is one of the global brands for learning and one of the best educational apps in India.

  1. NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN is the ninth-best affiliate programs in India that provide the largest number of servers over the countries. It is the fastest and most reliable streaming service which allows servers to switch quickly among the crowd without keep logs of activity.

It provides you 256-bit encryption, a strong kill switch, and DNS/IPv6 broadcast leak protection. Nord VPN has over 5,300 servers in over 60 countries which supports up to six devices simultaneously and also creates proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. NordVPN supports the P2P network connection which reaches up to 10 server locations. This helps to prevent unsafe apps that compromising your security.

  1. PhonePe Affiliate Program

PhonePe is the tenth best affiliate programs in India from all which mainly permits you to transfer money through UPI payment, pay bills, book bus tickets recharge mobile phone, order food, and many more. It also helps to make instant payment at your nearby stores and restaurants if they are using the phone pay app relatively.


PhonePe makes your money save while making online payments through it or ordering anything online from apps like Limeroad, Myntra, Swiggy, Grofers, etc. Many users also earning a lot of money through it by referring or inviting PhonePe to their new friends by specific link for the first time as it provides the highest referral money which is Rs. 100(updated time to time) for every friend who joins from your link respectively.

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After Analysing all about the top 10 best affiliate programs in India, we reach on the conclusion that many best affiliate programs in India are divided into different categories like travel, vpn, credit, fashion, photography, job, eCommerce, hosting and many more. From which users can select according to their choice.




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