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Top 10 best dating app in India 2020

best dating app in India

Best dating app in India 2020

Nowadays, As internet connections are getting faster with new 3G and 4G network technology, thereafter, more users are interested in using apps in their smartphones for dating.

If you want to meet new people before knowing them then dating app is the best platform to date them. Dating in India is popular in India before some time and people have started using dating apps to meet unknown people with similar areas of interest and go for a date after a conversation.


Although, there are all kinds of software designed for a dating app to help across desktop and mobile compatible platforms from which many of them are free.

Top 10 Best & Free Dating Apps In India | Best Sites to Find ...

We have listed here all the best dating app in India, which are compatible with desktop, iPhone, Android relatively. Some of these apps listed here are better suited for professional business cases

In the article, Tinder is the most popular dating app in India but besides that, there are many apps comes after that with some advanced and unique features which fulfill users need easily. The list we discuss below is updated every month. Some features n these remain the same and some are changed if necessary.

Top 10 best dating app in India 2020

The dating process is one of the best platforms to establish a conversation between two unknown people according to their match relatively. You can do it on your PC laptop, and even with your cell phone also. There are various types of best dating app in India with different features on the PlayStore. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best dating app in India 2020 which are the following:

  1. Tinder
  2. OkCupid
  3. TrulyMadly
  4. Bumble
  5. Happn
  6. Hinge
  7. Coffee Meets Bagel
  8. . Aisle
  9. Tantan
  10. Woo


  1. Tinder

The Tinder app is the best dating app in India that is mainly used by those people who prefer online dating. Generally, It is the ultimate dating app that permits its users to search any single individuals near them by either swiping left or swiping right on the particular app relatively.

the free version of Tinder is also available in India that provides you some limited swipes with a limited type of access to a single area. Apart from that, Tinder Premium gives you the whole online dating experience from the first level to the last level with description. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.

  1. OkCupid

The OkCupid app is the second best dating app in India which well known for peppy related ads all around the web platform. Using, this app you can find your soulmate easily. Unfortunately, In other dating apps that rely more on pictures usually but OkCupid lives to find always real and compatible matches according to the set of questions answered by the users.

After that,  it moves on to the next level to find their appropriated compatibility score among all users to establish their perfect match. This app is also compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.

  1. TrulyMadly

The TrulyMadly app is the third-best dating app in India which is similar looks like a Tinder alternative. It contains many same features as a Tinder app. The online dating platform of this app has used a tough verification process that somehow is followed to create a ‘trustable’ user profile on TrulyMadly platform itself.

This gives the surety that no one builds a fake or proxy profile of any users on the platform and also saving users from any catfish situation accordingly. TrulyMadly app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.

  1. Bumble

The Bumble app is the fourth-best dating app in India that comes with many advanced features. In this app, Once you are matched with any person on the particular app at that time women are essentially required to make their first move to start the conversation ahead, also making it an initiative to break the stereotype according to the app.

If the matches are for same-sex at that time person can make their first step towards conversation with their specific match on Bumble. Bumble has provides you many stringent rules and practices for making the app secure, and safe for all its users. Bumble app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web.

  1. Happn

The Happn app is the fifth-best dating app in India that provides you a unique match-making algorithm which is generally used to make virtual dating a more real-time experience with users and app ahead. In this app, if you are Happn user then you have to connect with all the Happn users who pass your precious ways throughout the day.

If both users like each other’s profile that we said that it is a perfect match. Happn app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.

  1. Hinge

The Hinge app is the sixth-best dating app in India that matches people according to their common interest areas that mainly striving to create a compatible pair accordingly. This app also used some similar features like Tinder that’s why it is called Tinder alternative. Apart from that, it used some unique and advanced features as compared to other apps.

Hinge app establishes a timeline according to the user’s photos and interests for people to see them as they want, allowing individuals to a similar approach based on their common interest area. This app is compatible with iOS and Android platform.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee Meets Bagel app is the seventh-best dating app in India that comes with some creative and unique concept according to online dating within which Coffee and Bagels app especially sends you a strong couple based on some matched suggestions that are normally called Bagels of the Day.

The limit to accept or reject the offer is within 24 hours. If a user likes you back and profile, you get matched with them and can start your conversation ahead. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web.

  1. Aisle

Aisle is the eighth-best dating app in India that mainly focuses on establishing a romance between Indians across the world. These platforms offer significantly for some individuals who eventually do not care about their borders when times come to their soulmate process and is an excellent way of building your meaningful relationships. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.

  1. Tantan

Tantan is the ninth-best online dating app in India that is mainly developed by a Chinese company that permits users to find their strong matches and connections according to the app relatively. Although, the app is used only in certain areas of India when we talk about its quality and potential matches.

After all, you must try the Tantan app once that helps you to find your true date from there. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms easily.


  1. Woo

Woo is the tenth best dating app in India that mainly focuses on well-educated professionals to access on its specific network only. The platform provides you many features like  Tag Search, Questions-Answers, voice introduction, and Direct Messaging Scheme.

The app also comes with an advanced and unique voice call feature that is used by users to talk with each other without sharing their phone details respectively. This app is compatible with Android, Ios, and Web platforms easily.

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After analyzing all about dating apps we reach on the conclusion that, all of the apps are free relatively so, it is difficult to choose best among them, There is absolutely no risk involved while choosing the desirable dating app. But if you want to know how to start, the best way is to think of what you need this app for particularly.

Overall, it always chooses those that application that provides you excellent features with good functionality. It also can secure our connection privately that can easily fulfill our needs. We recommended that first consider the best option among all, after that other. Because it gives you the best functionality with advanced tools and techniques. These all are the best dating app available out there. Most of them in the list is completely free to use and easily available on play store

to download while some provide in-app purchases but you can still use them according to your choice without spending a time.

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