Top 10 best learning apps for kids 2020

Introduction: Top 10 best learning apps for kids 2020

Education has changed a lot over from the last couple of decades. Institutional based education is still present nowadays but all things are digital now. However, there is more focus on learning by people to achieve success in life starting either they are kids or elders all need to make their future secure. The Internet is the best source of learning at home. Whenever we talking about best learning apps for kids which are of different categories and skills. We know that, all kids have different minds and learning ability they take things according to their choice.

Top 10 best learning apps for kids 2020

There are many best learning apps for kids are available on different site. Here, we discuss some best learning apps for kids which are as follows:

  1. YouTube Kids
  2. Duolingo
  3. Stack the States
  4. Dragon Box App Series
  5. ABCmouse
  6. DoodleMaths
  7. PBS Kids Games
  8. LetterSchool
  9. Musilla Musical School
  10. Science360
  1. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is the best learning apps for kids, they provided this version of the site to create better access to filtered videos for the kids of age 2 to 9. Its Interface is simpler and easier to understand with some unique features. YouTube Kids the app is user-friendly as compared to others. Besides that, it is still important for kids to be guided them whenever needed through some trainer if they are using pcs and cell phones relatively.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the second-best learning apps for kids from all which is one of the most popular educational apps nowadays. It allows kids to learn new languages at any time and anywhere as they want with some unique features. The app provides personalized education to kids with private tutoring by using different types of techniques and technologies.

Duolingo is a platform where everyone can have access to learn free language education according to theirs. Besides that,  it also offers a premium product, the Duolingo Plus, which is used to learn free languages. The main difference is that it is an ad-free experience and provides the ability to download all types of lessons according to the kid’s choices so they can read them while offline.

  1. Stack the States

Stack the States app is the third-best learning apps for kids from all. It helps your kids into a geography genius. It allows kids to learn the shapes, capitals, geographic locations, and flags of each of the states in the United States accordingly. Using it, Kids may choose their relevant study the information before answering, or they can directly go on trial-and-error learning.

If you completed every level of particular app successfully, a random state comes here that will eventually complete the map is earned relatively. While earning more states after every level. After you earned is on top the kids start to unlock the four free bonus games according to their choice such as “Pile Up,” “Puzzler,”  “Map It,”  and “Capital Drop” respectively.

  1. Dragon Box App Series

The Dragon Box App Series is the best learning apps for kids from all. This app teaches the fourth series to teach math from basic numbers to advanced algebra and geometry step by step. It is generally called gamified learning at its finest. Many kids after learning the app their parents feel that they don’t involve in the game but also learn maths using it.  Although, every level of the game that notices that it is the fun subject is. Most Parents love these apps because of their unique way to learn kids.

Dragon Box teaches geometry from a basic level to moderate by using all shapes and theorems. It shows numbers in different categories of fun ways with awesome experiences.

  1. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is the fifth-best learning apps for kids from all that mainly focuses on four main curriculum subjects such as World Around Us, Reading, Math,  as well as Art & Colors. These categories provide a foundation of knowledge for kids through that they can build their confidence and success in life relatively thereafter.

ABCmouse.com is available on both ios and android platform it also provides its website for better use. The authentic website of ABCmouse is ABCmouse.com that contains hundreds of interactive and unique fun games, quizzes videos, Puzzels, and activities. The main advantage of this app is that it provides some voice instructions according to the game, so even very young children will easily find it to learn and play accordingly without any one’s help.

  1. DoodleMaths

DoodleMaths is the sixth-best learning apps for kids from all. This app is the top-selling app among all kids to learn maths. It contains a very easy interface with different math games for kids that provides all fundamental math skills and concepts according to young age. Although, DoodleMaths is generally a maths program that supports kids in maths subject at homes as well as schools if they have digital classes. This app identifies each child’s learning ability.


Children are motivated by earning from DoodleStars which can be used to buy them relevant accessories for their robot, pet, or coach. Parents can also involved with their child’s maths and help them at every step of the way through the Parent Dashboard that contains their email reports, weakness analysis, and many more.

  1. PBS Kids Games


PBS Kids Games is the seventh-best learning apps for kids from all that contains more than 25 games with popular PBS Kids’ unique characters. This tiny game collection will entertain kids and also educate them for some hours with some of their favorite animated TV personalities as they want. This app offers a safe, child-friendly playing experience for 2 to 8 years children.

The young age children can learn math, shapes, painting, sea creatures, patterns, creativity, weather, tools, and many more. They can also build up reading skills among kids, and test out their theories in a week.  After all, PBS Kids Games is a solid, free selection of learning app featuring favorite PBS Kids characters according to their kid’s choice.

  1. LetterSchool

LetterSchool is the eighth-best learning apps for kids from all. It is an easy app for kids of age around 4 years and more. It helps kids to learn the alphabet with tracing, videos, puzzles, and songs as they want. LetterSchool does a great job of teaching,  learning skills and  letter writing with by completing three steps:

First, learn the starting points for each stroke, trace the letter according to the game, and write the letter self without anyone hints. This app is beautifully designed with unique handwriting app that will learn your child how to write letters in both upper and lower case states and counting and numbers from 1 to 10 in an animated and fun way that directly attracted your kids and they enjoyed it. The main aim of LetterSchool is to help young children learn letters and develop their handwriting skills relatively.

  1. Musilla Musical School

Musella Musical School is the ninth-best one of the best learning apps for kids from all which helps kids to learn the basics of different types of music. This presented app generally explores the whole adventures of the Mussila band on a musical journey of some experience trainer. Using it, Kids can help them find instruments according to their choice, costumes, and create their music relatively. The app is mainly based on a music curriculum and the children progress through skill-building levels step by steps such as instrumental sounds, recognizing relevant instruments, rhythm, and melodies.

  1. Science360

Science360 is the tenth best learning apps for kids from all which is generally a creation of Science360 Knowledge Network. This kid’s app is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Science360 includes a compilation of the latest videos from experienced scientists and universities all across the globe that teaches science to kids from basic to moderate level step by step. Most of the videos related to the app are also content from the NSF itself. The app contains a very easy interface. You can even save photographs and videos which you like on your phone so you can access them at any time and from anywhere.


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After analyzing all about the best learning apps for kids. We reach on the conclusion that With so many learning apps are available for kids with different features. All kids have different minds and learning ability they take things according to their choice parents need to understand their child’s ability to learn and choose the best among all according to their area of interest.

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