Direct and Indirect narration for HS 2nd year final exam ( AHSEC, class 12)

Direct and Indirect narration for HS 2nd year final exam

Some important GRAMMAR Direct and Indirect narration for HS 2nd year final exam ( AHSEC, class 12)

Narration: Direct and Indirect
Change the form of narration in the following sentences


1) I said to him, “Who are you? What do you want? Why are you standing here?”


= I asked him who he was, what he wanted and why he was standing there.

2) The teacher became angry with the student and said, “Why have you again Disturbed the class in this way? I have told you before that when I am speaking you should be silent. Leave the room and do not return again today.”

= The teacher became angry with the student and asked him why he had again disturbed the class in this way. He reminds him that he had told him before that he should be silent when he was speaking. He ordered him, therefore to leave the room and forbade him to return again that day.

3) “Hercules”, said the Goddess of Virtue, “I offer myself to you because I know you are descended from the Goods and that you have given proofs of that by your love of Virtue.”

= Addressing Hercules by name the Goddess of Virtue said that she offered herself to him because she knows that he was descended from the Gods and that he had given proofs of that by his love of Virtue.

4) When John asked Marry whether she would help him ache replied that she would.

= When John said to Marry, “Will you help me? Marry said, “Yes, I will.”


5) “Nothing can be avoided, “said Caesar, “Which the Gods have purposes. These omens appear to everyone not only to Caesar.

= Caesar said that nothing could be avoided which the Gods had purposed. He added that those omens appeared to everyone, not only to Caesar.

6) The boy said to the teacher, “Sir, I am weak in English and seek your advice.” “Read the text thoroughly and try to express your ideas in simple correct English,” said the teacher. (H.S 2017)

= The boy politely told the teacher that he was weak in English and then he sought the teacher’s advice. The teacher advised him to read the text thoroughly and try to express his ideas in simple correct English.

7) My friend told me that he was very thirsty and requested me to give him a glass of water. (H.S 2017)

= My friend said, “I am very thirsty. Please give me a glass of water.”

8) The teacher asked Rina if she had prepared her lesson. Rina replied politely that she had not.

= The teacher said to Rina, “Home you prepared your lesson?” Rina replied, “Sorry Sir, I haven’t.”

9) Raghu said to his son that he was old and lonely and asked him if he had no pity on his loneliness.


= Raghu said to his son, “I am old lonely. Don’t you have pity on my loneliness?”

10) “I’ve just bought a car, “said Piter, but it isn’t insured yet, so I can’t you take for a ride.”

= Piter said that he had just bought a car. He said that it was not insured till them, so he could not take me for a ride.

11. The man said that they had been there for two and a half years and were going to stay another six months.
Answer: The man said, “We’ve been for two and half years and are going to stay another six months.”

12. I asked my friend why, he looked so sad. He replied that his father was seriously ill and there was little hope for his recovery.
Answer: I said to my friend, “Why do you look so sad?” He said, “My father is seriously ill and there is little hope for his recovery.”

13. Ramen said to boy, “What’s the matter? Why are you going? Be cheerful.”
Answer: Ramen asked the boy what the matter was and why he was crying. Ramen told him to be cheerful.

14. He said to me, “When will you go to Delhi? I shall send my brother with you.”
Answer: He asked me when I would go to Delhi. He told me that he would send his brother with me.

15. I asked Rita what she was doing. Rita replied that she was preparing her lesson.
Answer: I said to Rita, “What are you doing?” Rita replied, “I am preparing my lesson.”

16. Jadav said to me, “You are ill today. So I shall not play with you.”
Answer: Jadav told me that I was ill that day. So he told me that he would not play with me.


17. The teacher asked the student if he had prepared his lesson. He replied that he had not.
Answer: The teacher said to the student, “Have you prepared your lesson.” He replied, ” Sorry Sir I have not.”

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