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In Recent times,  People’s choice is changing day by day and all want to watch the best series and animation rather than any simple entertainment shows. Here, KissAnime is an American Based Cartoon Network Website, which allows us to watch a cartoon, anime and latest movies free of cost with HD quality.

This network is for the children who belong to the age group 5 to 15. But now it is popular in people also using that they have to watch their favorite web series and the latest movie before time. In addition, we can download as well as watch online our favorite streaming with high video quality.

The ‘Animation‘  was made the first time in Japan. Japan has started this work since 1970. After that,  it’s popularity begins from there and now it becomes popular all around the world.


What is Kissanime:

Kissanime is the free anime website that provides cartoons, latest movies, English anime, TV shows and web series free of cost in a very different and unique manner. It provides us multiple genres such as horror, comedy, thriller and action, adventure and many more. It has a very simple user interface and friendly in nature. In addition, it provides us the highest premier quality video within a range from 240p to 1080p. Here, we can also watch streaming on the online network as well as download from it and get enjoyed with them. The downloading process is very easy in it apart from other sites.

Kissanime is a website that holds a number of entertainment and movie files. The site itself does not host any of the content that users can stream easily, but it rather enables users to give permissions to find and access those files which are user-friendly in nature.

Kissanime has been designed in a very attractive and easily accessible manner, in such a way that users can easily search his desired movie and entertainment files in a few seconds. Users can also search for movies and tv shows by year wise and genre-wise at free of cost.


Has Kissanime been shutdown:

We know that Kissanime is one of the best sites to watch the animation and it becomes popular in very few times. But, from a certain time it status growth is decreasing because of its user means some users watch it at one time and some unexpected maintenance of it. Apart from that, it has been found that Kissanime and its users have been using its website material in a wrong manner and promote it without anyone’s permission.

That’s why the high court has been decided to shut down the kissanime website, but it’s not easy as we think due to its popularity all around the world.

In addition, Kissanime also hosts and directs people to illegally some media and entertainment files such as movies and TV shows. But in reality, we can’t have permission to use it in an illegal way as per the high court order. Whenever these sites are blocked, some proxy sites take their place to make confuse users. That’s why the high court has been decided to shut down the kissanime websites, but it’s not easy as we think due to its popularity all around the world.


Is Kissanime Illegal:

Kissanime is illegal due to that it uploads videos on OpenLoad and Google due to that it turns into a gray website. As per the high court order, We have to carry the license to access the permissions of this website. Also, many other pirated site allows us to put their content on the web because many users take advantage. In addition, the content shown on this site is not provided to other applications in an official manner. It also doesn’t pay money for advertisements to official companies.

Every Site has some advantages and disadvantages. Same as in Kissanime, Before some time it is used widely in India and begins popular. But Users have used its functionality in a wrong manner and promote it through social media and newspapers.  After that, Kissanime many sites are switching their domain and work for others due to that some proxy servers are also created. So, that High Court has decided to block this site in India.

After decreasing the popularity of the kissanime many sites are switching their domain and work for others.

Various sites containing the name ‘Kissanime’ kept getting blocked as per the high court order and some websites switching to new domains. Some of the popular websites which are used in the kissanime.

Is Kissanime Safe in 2020:-

We Know That In Today’s world safety is the most important part of any digital process because anyone can hack our data easily by using our resources.

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is the best way to save our online streaming content like tv shows, movies, and audio files. VPN establishes a connection between a user and the internet and maintains our data privacy easily. It also saves our data from viruses, which may be harmful to our pc. For example whenever we downloading high-quality movies or any other file from the internet.

NordVPN is one of the services of VPN which makes our data private which watching the Kissanime website.


Which Kissanime is safe:

The original website of Kissanime is safe to use because of it free from viruses and no malware is available in it. It contains a mobile-friendly interface through which we can easily remove advertisements by the register in its account. This site is 100% secure rather than any pirated sites.

Through it, no one can hack or create a proxy of this website and also it doesn’t contain any spam ware which is placed in some mirror websites.


What is Kissanime Official Website:

The official website of Kissanime was, but now it’s closed. But now, we can use in place of it. After that, it becomes an official website of kissanime. It is the real address of Kissanime’s official website. It is user-friendly in nature and supports our device from malware attacks and bugs. It also supports high-quality ads.


Does KissAnime have an App:

Yes, KissAnime has an app that is easily available on Google Play Store and we can download it from here. This app has a simple user interface and friendly in nature and easily compatible with the android and ios platforms.


Can Kissanime give you a virus:

Yes, Kissanime gives us a virus when we copy some content from other websites and create its proxy sites. Also, Kissanime website is not safe for anime lovers because it carried a wide variety of virus which can affect our device.

But the official site of Kissanime, is free from virus and malware attacks. Through it, we can watch streaming in high-HD quality.

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Best Kissanime Alternatives:

In Today’s era, Kissanime hosts online streaming of more than 40 countries. It provides us the largest collection of TV shows and movies through navigation using different sites described below. Although, All sites have different advantages and accessibility.

      1. Chia-Anime:-
      2. Anime Planet
      3. AnimeFreak
      4. 9Anime
      5. Anime Frenzy
      6. Netflix
      7. Crunchyroll
      8. GoGoAnime
      9. Amine Session



Chia-Anime is a totally free online streaming service where we can watch movies and TV shows from different generations and periods. Its website interface is much easiest as compare to others. We can also search for movies here by using search bar options at the topmost part of the web page. This site is made for foreigners in the Japanese language so, that they are easily compatible with it. This site is suitable for all ages and contains little ads.




Anime-Planet is the best option for watching Anime online. The KissAnime website offers a unique and different interface. The website has a wide collection of Anime, including new, old, subbed, and dubbed Anime. Before using it, we have to create its account through login and signup. Its home page contains a new and oldest recommendation streaming list.



If we want to watch streaming latest to oldest then, AnimeFreak is the best option to watch this type of filtered collection. Here, Account creation is not necessary. Either we have created an account or not we can easily access a website. Its load speed is fast as compare to others.

AnimeFreak is the site that provides us to access to the latest episodes of TV shows and new movies earlier and before time as compare to others. In Addition, a downside of it is that it is available in the US and Japan only. The plans for these sites start from $7.99 per month, but that is only for TV shows. Any shows or movies that we want to watch free then we watch it at free of cost.


9Anime provides Anime in HD and English. It contains a video sharing portal which is free to access and provides a vast catalog of Anime movies and series. We will also see some of the popular videos by checking the “trending tab of it” Apart from that if we are looking for old Anime, we can easily sort the list by the use of the quick filter. We can also choose the date it was released and the genre accordingly. Also below the website, we will see the scheduled release of new episodes to keep us updated.


Anime Frenzy:-

Anime Frenzy is a website that provides a wide collection of anime series. Similarly to other anime websites, it is updated with the latest anime series, and the database is updated every day. The site also contains an American cartoon series in its library, which makes it unique and different. Also, it has a “Random” button, which provides a random Anime suggestion for people who do not know how to watch.

Its Application is also easily available in the play store and compatible with the android and ios platforms. This Website newly comes in the market but from those days it becomes more popular in the market. It contains a huge collection of old and classic movies as well as we can also watch the latest movies on it. Same as 123Movies, There is also no need to signup and create an account to use Anime Frenzy Site. It supports smartphones and our PC’s easily and also compatible with iOS and Android platforms.


Netflix Website is a popular platform for two decades all around the world. It provides a huge collection of a library which includes the latest movies and TV shows. Netflix doesn’t make any privacy so anyone can easily hack our data or unblock VPN.



Crunchyroll is one of the most popular websites of Kissanime which provides multiple English dubbed movies with subtitles. It contains a high premier quality video in the range of 720p. Using it audience can easily understand its story and aim behind it. It is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, France  and many more. Similarly,  this site is also accessed through to Wii, U, Xbox, 360, Playstation, etc.


This website has a  database that offers various kinds of Animes, from the oldest to the latest and most popular. Anime series are categorized in alphabetic order so we can easily view and find the one which we like. From the homepage of the site, we will see tabs where we can easily choose what we want to watch. This is site is best, because of its versatility.

Anime Season:-

Anime Season is a very popular name in the anime world for obvious reasons. It is a totally free streaming service with the highest video quality. It contains a huge library collection through which we can easily watch our favorite streaming with it. This website is a user-friendly interface in nature. After that, it makes updating regularly, so that we can easily watch the latest movies and TV shows. Using that we can also filter movies based on year and generics. In Addition, it is the only site that provides HD and 4k Quality.





After Examine all about Kissanime, we reach on the conclusion that we can’t say that it is not safe for a user, it totally depends upon that how we use or access it, And we know that VPN is the best way to secure our data privately. After that, we can’t add any proxy data in it. In addition, it is a legal website which doesn’t take any charge, we have to make money by any of their resources.


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