Masaladesi Best Alternatives working links 2020


Masaladesi Alternatives working links 2020

Disclaimer: Our intention is only to make you aware of websites (adult content forums) that are illegally operating businesses in India and the rest of the world. We request you and especially children of below 18 years of age to refrain from such websites. This post is dedicated for education purpose only.



Masaladesi is the largest adult Indian forum next to Xossip – was shut down for a few specific reasons. Masaladesi was quite popular among Indian audiences that offered posts, audios, and media on the website. The website has a basic discussion forum for sharing one’s thoughts, ideas, and many more.

Anyone can start a discussion over the website and express their own thoughts with other members of the Masaladesi community. The website asks for user credentials (mainly email id) to create an account and subsequently use the discussion portal for participation.

Masaladesi website has a large number of users over the portal. Each thread was open for discussion on various topics such as computers, gaming, technical, adult content, and so on. For instance “Masaladesi Veere Di Wedding” thread went viral after it had crossed over 100k active participation of the users on the website. Also, the website offered a quick registration process in order to help the user bookmark various threads and posts.

Masaladesi website looked vibrant and charming due to its active community of users. It is said that posts are converted into a thread in no time it grew larger with anticipation of users. Masaladesi permits the use of their discussion forums that of age 17 to 30.

It is strictly an adult content-based site that went down after the government took strong action and completely banned the site. Masaladesi adult forum site has many edited/modified photos and videos of women/celebrities that are uploaded by Masaladesi users in order to seek the attention of others which remain unrestrained and seen by thousands of young audiences.

The website remains active and shoved attention of millions which depicts unlawful and unethical to society. And soon the website has to face the consequences by putting a ban to the website where no user can access the website even using a proxy server.

But that didn’t stop users of the Masaladesi website and soon people started searching for Masaladesi alternatives. Once again these sites roused up with other domain names and offered the same services that of Masaladesi. We’re going to discuss a few Masaladesi alternatives in this article.

Why Masaladesi no longer exists?

Masaladesi was strictly an adult website that grants access to anyone with an internet connection. After a few years, the government has banned these sites and several forums that hosted adult content without proper guidelines.

Masaladesi was at a peak for 3 years but soon it got government attention and resulted in banning the site permanently.

Similar website such as Xossip, access is still forbidden. Nevertheless, the members appealed for lifting the ban but that didn’t work.

But with Masaladesi the ban was strict because of government intervention. However, the website cannot be accessed because the domain is blocked permanently.

As it happens just a handful of sites have been blocked yet there are thousands of websites related to pornography, child abuse, and adult content over the internet. But only a handful in mind government is planning to shut down merely a few hundreds of them. As long as some popular adult forums website is concerned is just a part of blocklist and not blocked yet.

In India, the government can take down any site that is hosted on Indian servers. Whereas it’s difficult for websites that are hosted outside India. However, in the case of “Masaladesi”, the domain remained blocked and in different ways, the website can be accessed by the user.

With the intention of blocking content by the Indian government, they use the telecom operator as the medium to restrict user access over these adult forum websites. And uses a list-based approach.

The main reason for banning Masaladesi?

Like we said previously Masaladesi was free for everyone irrespective of the age. After a few years when the government notices an increase in the number of users when most users started showing interest in adult content which was prohibited by the government at that time. The Indian government took no time to ban the site.

There are lots of places where adult content was served. But forums like Masaladesi, Xossip remained a top choice among Indian users. Masaladesi forums, discussion panel people use to post fabricated and morphed images and clips.

Also, Masaladesi forums have numerous sex stories that are read and further re-created by users to attracted millions of Online Indian users to the website. Posting such objectionable content over the internet and making them available for everyone is unlawful in the eyes of the government.

In addition, many people used to search for an Adult chat in Masaladesi forums. After some research, we’ve found true facts about Masaladesi (adult content forum).  As you know the forum thread has registration process (email required) to start having a conversation on any selected thread of user choice.

Once the user starts interacting with any posts it automatically converts into a thread with other member contributions. So far we have seen children below 18 ages are a regular visitor to Masaladesi.

Henceforward such a website can defoliate youth of the nation as they become addicted over time. After Masaladesi was restricted access by the government there were few more operating quietly without getting noticed by the government but soon they will have to face the ban.

Best Masaladesi Alternatives Working links 2020

India, of course, has a market for mature peoples but with ever-increasing “inexpensive and unlimited cellular plans” it resulted in a boom in mobile internet users rather than laptop and desktop users. Clearly, most people with active internet connection in mobile have developed likings for the adult content-based sites which lead to an increase in the number of users furthermore; the awful thing was 80% of users are less than 18 years of age.

Masaladesi was a famous adult content-based site where people mostly come looking for adulterous content which is considered a “Taboo” in Indian society.

Many people are hunting for Masaladesi alternatives working links 2020 for adult chats. We have researched a few and found a good collection of alternatives for online chatting, discussions, and so on.

These websites are genuine and true to our knowledge. These websites might get banned after some period of time but when it comes to Masaladesi alternative working links 2020.

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These are one of the best considering and have more than 50k-130k active members. You can freely access these websites provided registration necessary for sharing links, articles, posts, etc.

  1. XForum


XForum is one of the topmost growing Masaladesi alternatives websites where you can conduct discussions, open a forum post, or start a conversation. You need to register before accessing every forum on Xforum. On top of that, there is a little process necessary for you to follow a chat conversation.

In addition, every forum requires a user sign-up. Corresponding to this we’ve found a large number of pop-up ads, promotions running on the website each time you click. Bearing in mind the advertisements can only be removed after you have upgraded to “Premium” account.

The website mainly has adult content that is fairly easy to find. But when it comes to the government they might see this through and restrict user access anytime. Although the debate is still on-going whether the previous ban was “Good or Bad”.

Many Xossip users say that it is a “failed attempt” and the user would soon or later find out ways to bypass restrictions to such websites.

  1. XossipZ


The XossipZ resembles a similar look that of Xforum, having said that the forum includes a registration process in order to post in the forum. However, we have seen fewer advertisements in XossipZ and no pop-up clicks which make interaction with the website better n several ways.

When we visited the XosssipZ website, we see a message confirming “The site is opened by Xossip admins where you will get all sorts of adult stories, incest stories, thriller stories, real-life occult adventures, adultery stories as well as contained objectionable photos of actress from Hollywood – Bollywood that are edited using the software in order to allure you & others.

The stories section is compiled and offered in all regional languages in India like Hindi, Hinglish, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi followed by a unique Picture & videos section that has adult photos, adult videos and so on.

In India XossipZ is a popular adult content forum – discussion website but the flouting rule of the present Indian government abstain users from accessing them but XossipZ is still available and hasn’t received any criticism yet.

After we’ve looked at a few adult based content we’ve found few search terms such as “incestuous encounter of a bahu aur Sarjo ki incest story” that attract thousands of daily visitors on the site.

XossipZ does not promote pornography but the forums, posts contained some objectionable content. This may increase in sexual arousal of young adults who come looking for adult content in such sites.

Nevertheless, the Indian government currently did not put any strict regulations over adult content websites, online adult dating sites. So, rest be assured Xossip and other Masaladesi alternatives websites in the list will be available for you.

  1. XossipY


The XossipY is another Masaladesi alternative website that has fewer ads and offers a similar user interface that of the original forum. But at the moment the server is down and you cannot access the site. We don’t know the exact time when the website will be re-activated.

UPDATE: We’ve checked the site and on 10th July 2019. The XossipY is online now. You can make use of the forum through a short registration process and participate in discussions, posts, etc.

According to many online users, the XossipY trust score is positive after we’ve accumulated data of over 40 major adult content forum websites. Xossipy has a higher traffic rate than in general but the owner of the site is hiding its identity and using a paid service. The Website currently receives a lot of traffic from India and abroad where people mostly visit discussions, respond to threads, or post stories (adult content) on the website.


Alas! We’ve reached the end of the post where and if you’re still reading the post then, Hooray! You’re one of the avid Masaladesi fans. Basically putting a ban to these adult content forums as we see in Xossip is ideally not a solution.

Now when it comes to accessing these sites – Will you be penalized for by the government. The answer is “NO”

Unless the site remained open for public (domain if not blocked) this means you can access all the sites mentioned in the article and all of them are working fine.

But if the site is blocked by the government and when you access them using Proxy Servers the parameters are the website should have legal content.

Otherwise, if objectionable content related to adult or advocating extremism is found the website then deemed to exploit young Indian mind especially children below 18 years of age.

As far as Masaladesi adult Indian website is concerned the website has taken down by the intervention of the present government because users of all age groups have started showing interest in threads, online chatting where 90% of the discussion is on adult content extends to sex stories, lovemaking, posting explicit photos which are summoned as illegal in India.

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