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Xossip – The Complete Story

Xossip was one of the most populated adult board communities that comprise photos, videos, and lustrous adult discussions in the forum which instigate adult Indians throughout the country. Xossip website derived from the parent company Exbii was launched in the year 2008 but after the Indian government put a ban to the site has operated in its Pseudo name – Xossip.



Xossip is one of the most populated platforms for sharing information. Although the website has limited capability of holding simultaneous users logging over the website, later when it had started receiving the overwhelming response (traffic) exceeding the number of users. It has put a threat to server overload faced “server error” issues.

It was meant to serve adult Indians by offering videos, threads, photos in regional languages where users post explicit content, photos of couples, and so on. It is said that the forum has almost 100k members with active participation in it.

It is usually a forum where users create an account in order to post something or start a new thread in order to continue the discussion in adult explicit content and other categories. In no time the post and threads grew with large user anticipation which bought thousands of users paying a visit out of curiosity.

A large number of threads are working over the portal. And most of them are discussions over a particular topic that talks about computers, gaming, technical, and so forth. It was quite easy to join a discussion/thread and express your opinion/expertise over the portal by creating a user account.

Some People Excel At Why Xossip Was Banned? And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Xossip logo

Xossip was the far most active and user-driven site that went unnoticed by the authorities for several years. Although the site itself faced several bans and legal issues on discussion forums later DMCA filed a complaint against the site and informed the Indian government to block the domain and its sub-domains. The active members on the forums appealed for lifting the ban for some days.

But the ban never took place. Today, This website is operational but visits to the site are restricted because the original domain is blocked. But that didn’t put on hold to its users. Many active users found a way out to rescue their journey to the Xossip forum by using a proxy.

Why Xossip website took down?

Not many people would know the reason behind Why Xossip went down? Perhaps some believe it’s because of the government intervention but it’s not.


Xossip site down

The sole reason was the lack of fund which goes into maintaining and paying hosting fees to operate a website. The administrator who was behind this website has closed the website due to a lack of funds. As most sources say, the site was operational but hardly used anything (monetization) to earn revenue.

Its website did not run ads to give a distraction-free environment to the users. However, the website is solely dependent upon the donation it had received from the users of the website. Later, the admin could not hold up to the high hosting fees and server bills that resulted in taking down the site or shutting it completely.

Anyways this website continued even after that – with another domain (redirect) however, the domain that redirected still remains invisible to the public. However, there are other forums that look similar to it. But if you still want to gain access to this website then you can look at the fan-made which is built on the same software that Xossip uses.

Criticism faced by Xossip

Xossip’s alluring state of content was marked as “Mirchi” that took the internet by storm. This is one of the most eye-catchy segments where users find the most suitable content such as photos, recordings, and so on. With it, these photos and recordings are easier to find after you have landed on the website.

The users gain access to the content by following the tabs that are marked as “Masala Videos for you”, Masaladesi,, and the most tempting place was the photos area in the adult section which mainly receives a huge amount of traffic.

It initially started with English as the only medium but later extended its support for regional languages used across India where visitors see content based on either English or Hindi. The very popular term used by peoples to search was “BHABI” and a few other terms that people felt more enchanted towards.

What Xossip offered to users?

It is quite shocking to believe that Xossip has retained more than 100 thousand who are paying a consistent visit to the site. And even if we compare it with another forum website it is seen that a large pool of users using discussions/threads that further reach a million in just a few years. The most surprising thing was that users visiting a particular section on the website that has more than 24 million freaking posts/articles which is hard to believe but it’s true!

The most fascinating thing about what Xossip offered its users is the endless things that you can think about. Moreover, these discussion forums have an adult section i.e. 18+ in nature. Yet every individual is free to post his choice of the content without any restricting and soon we found people posting absolute adult content on the website.

And when the website moved to later stages the all it has to offer is awful adult content which is seen and adored by people who are less than 18 years of age.

Less known facts about Xossip

Xossip was one of the first of its kind that has tons of filthy rottenness present. And by “filthy” we mean the type of adult content, posts, photos, recording it has. Most people pay a visit to Xossip in regard to obtain this subjectable content which was found nowhere other than it.

Besides proliferating adult content on it, we’ve found enigmatic areas known as “Babble” that received a huge amount of traffic which has less or no noticeable adult content. People post regularly objectionable content to allure others.

This involves more people follow threads, discussions although the post content can be incorrectly used by its members. But it maintained good terms and conditions were to avoid distribution of content that can be misused on the internet.

However, in many instances, it is seen that most threads having sexually explicit content are not removed even after the issue was brought in front of the admin several times. It was a huge website then has millions of threads and discussion forums and it is hard to find unlikely many people reported that people adore threads that have a large number of explicit content that remained free for the public throughout the span of its existence.

We’ve studied and found that this website primarily focused on India based on peoples in India and not necessarily an international. The adult explicit content was found alluring to Indian users. With that said adult posts based on women in India are found incredible among many distinct age groups.

Also, the Xossip has more to offer in CHITCHAT referred to as subforum which is used to convey news, reviews, individual counsel, spicy gossips and the most entertaining was a fresh experience that users derived from the site.

How do people gain access to Xossip?

It was one of the popular websites among Indian users. However, the official domain has been restricted or banned but a separate website/forum was opened with the name that looks exactly similar to the Xossip official website. In regard to gaining access to its page. You would require the use of a Proxy server to hide your IP and gain access to its website hence; you gain access to the graphics and text on the website using a proxy.

Demerits of Xossip Website?

Before the website permanently went down there has been an attack over the website which has resulted in server overload due to malicious threats and one should be careful while using such sites. It is also seen that the website forces unwanted downloads which contains threats that maliciously put a threat to user privacy on your PC.

Needless to say, the website is completely down now due to server overload basically attackers use to overload the website without actual users. Many people have experienced unexpected behavior in their PC while accessing these sites. You better be careful while browsing such sites to keep your personal information safe and intact.

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Xossip Alternatives – Fully Working Links

Its original URL is no longer active after the website got into legal trouble. But a similar website (similar to Xossip) made by fans and some of its community members still exist.

However, a lot of Xossip alternatives came into light after the closure. In this article, we’re more eager to share them with you.


Xforum is one of the most popular choices for users. The website undeniably is best when it comes to speediness and proper optimization than other similar websites. The forum requires you to register a free account in order to utilize the platform.

After we had paid a visit there were many advertisements mainly pop ads that come up while you try to clicks. However, the ads are limited to those having a registered account.


Xossip is Back 2020

Xossipz is another perfect choice for Xossip alternatives. The web interface of the website in Pc as well in mobile devices are pleasant with everything kept categorized and neatly.

Xossipz wants you to register a free account for a seamless experience. In our visit to Xossipz the interface seems pretty adequate with fewer ads been shown as compared to other websites.



Xossipy looked similar to the above listed Xossip alternative websites. There are no extras we found to talk about however the site retains a user registration page. Xossipy went down after a period of time (server issues) but have resolved now.

The website receives a total of $500 donations in order to keep the site alive. Xossipy has more than 1 million visitors and to compensate with the server overload the admin was forced to keep a registration process compulsory for users.

However, users get to see a completely ad-free environment while browsing pages/threads through the platform. Compared to the original Xossip, Xossipy has the same interface and even users are allowed to upload fresh pieces of stuff including videos, images, audio, leaked images, and so on.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened to Xossip?

It is a popular open-source website that is mainly designed for discussion purposes. In this, User can start a new topic over the website which coming in mind and have multiple discussions with different people ahead. These individuals can be from anywhere.

All they would use Xossip have to do is to make an authentic account over the specific portal to post their discussion significantly which is going on.

The website has shut down or closed now because its owners could not pay server bills or the amount which is required to store the massive backup of data for the website. If you are not using the website then try X forum live at once. It is commonly being accessed by its loyalists and old admins of the website relatively.


  1. Where can I read Xossip stories?

This website is closed now, therefore, you cannot able to read the Xossip stories. But here we tell you about three alternative sites from which you can read the stories of it easily which are as follows.

    2. Xossipz
    3. Xossipy
  1. How can I access the stores of Xossip?

We know that this website is closed now. So, there is no way to access this site. But some alternatives to this site like Xforum will be helpful for you.


  1. What is the new site for Xossip? Is there any better?

It was known as the popular site in India for discussion but due to some reasons, it was shutdown. from many times daily users of Xossip site search over the internet for some alternatives to this website. At that time, Xforum comes with many features like adult chatting, live threads, videos, stories in a regional language like Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, exclusive pics of couples, news and many more according to the users choice.


  1. Is the Xossip website down?

Yes, the Xossip website down permanently on 3rd November 2018. The owner of the website could not able to pay its server bills. And some proxy files are also created by users of this site.


  1. Why is Xossip not working?

Its website is not working because of the financial problems of its owner. He is not able to pay server and hosting bills respectively. That’s why it is not working now and many users of this site moved to other sites.


  1. Why is Xossip closed?

This website is closed now because the owner of a particular site couldn’t able to pay for the server bills due to financial problems.


  1. How can I open a Xossip file?

All the users of the website moved to its alternative Xforum so, you can open the file from link directly.


  1. How to unblock Xossip alternative websites in my country?

We Know That In Today’s world safety is the most important part of any digital process because anyone can hack our data easily by using our resources. To unblock Xossip alternative websites in my country,  Virtual Private Network(VPN) is the best way to save our online streaming content like tv shows, movies, and audio files.

VPN establishes a connection between a user and the internet and maintains our data privacy easily. It also saves our data from viruses, which may be harmful to our pc. For example whenever we downloading high-quality movies or any other file from the internet.



  1. What is the best and free alternative to Xossip?

Some best and free alternative to Xossip are the following:

    • Xforum
    • Xossipz
    • Xossipy

Final Words

As we reached the end of this website alternatives post we hope these alternatives work best for you. We’ll keep you updated by adding few more Xossip alternatives if we find worthy enough.

These websites might not exist after a few years as the chances are that the government put a ban on these sites or it may happen these sites may end up paying the high hosting fees and quit. On the off chance, it’s good to try using each one beforehand and find that match your needs.

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